What are the new wedding trends for 2023?. MALON Studio — 婚纱摄影和摄像

Are you remember the post-pandemic wedding boom in 2022 when many weddings were organized in a short time in conditions of tight restrictions? How it influence wedding trends in 2023? We discussed this with many couples—their needs and wishes regarding the wedding organization for the next 2023. Most of them unanimously stated their desire is for the wedding to be a little crazy with a fantastic experience for them and their guests. Based on this, we can say that the wedding trends for 2023 are set to shake up weddings as we know them. 

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We looked at data, including what the average USA wedding looks like, and discussed with wedding experts to determine which wedding trends will be huge in 2023, from wedding fashion to wedding color. Wedding Fashion Trends The wedding dress trends and the fashion surrounding weddings, from how are dressed couples to guest attire — form a considerable part of how each wedding will look and feel. That is so important to get fantastic wedding photos and a vast portion of the overall picture. There’s no getting around it. The 80s are back in 2023! Many of us immediately imagined Princess Diana’s iconic, puffy wedding dress with horror, but don’t worry — the 80s have had a variety of styles. “The 80s are back, with a level of finesse that gives the dramatic detailing an elegant flow. Viktor & Rolf had lots of texture and movement in their new collection, with some rah-rah skirt-inspired detailing on their shorter styles.” The catwalks were running with puff sleeve wedding dresses. Many shops offer wedding dresses with voluminous detachable sleeves suggests an easy way for brides to adopt the trend more subtly. Let “s play with accessories and change outfits on a whim; you will see that such a trifle as a removable sleeve allows you to update any dress, which can be so funny. Pearls should be one of the breakout stars of 2023. If the idea of a full-on pearl dress doesn’t sound good, there are many tricks to include the gem. You can choose fantastic wedding earrings or the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Jimmy Choo’s Sacaria shoe is whole with pearls! 

The wedding dress trends and the fashion surrounding weddings, from how are dressed couples to guest attire  - form a considerable part of how each wedding will look and feel. That is so important to get fantastic wedding photos and a vast portion of the overall picture. There's no getting around it.
I know many brides have a horrible feeling when thinking of a cloud of organza. They will be glad that the white bridal suit smoking is rocketing in popularity.

I know many brides have a horrible feeling when thinking of a cloud of organza. They will be glad that the white bridal suit smoking is rocketing in popularity. Desire to keep your wedding day looking sleek, chic, and unique sticking. You can be traditional if you like to be or go a more extravagant way. You can choose a truly great bow that will be perfect for you. The choice is always yours! 

 The white bridal suit smoking is a fantastic choice for your bridal.
What are the new wedding trends for 2023?. MALON Studio — 婚纱摄影和摄像

“Purple will return as a key color for 2023, representing wellness and digital escapism. Recuperative rituals will become a top priority for consumers who want to protect and improve their mental health, and Digital Lavender will connect to this focus on wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance.”

The green bridesmaids' dresses dominated Instagram in 2022 and will go away. The blue and lavender hues will take over as a critical wedding color trend for 2023. Bridgerton still significantly impacts weddings, with regency blue a popular choice for couples. Still, WGSN and Coloro have reported that 'Digital Lavender' will be the color of 2023. Whether you opt for a delicate periwinkle blue or a royal blue tone, it’s safe to say that your bridesmaids will be on-trend. 

The much-maligned fruit cake has had a serious revamp for 2023 — couples are choosing to incorporate fruit flavors in their wedding cakes in increasingly creative ways. The most popular wedding cake flavor has been strawberry and rose. That has been a significant surprise as a rose can be a bit 'Marmite' — you either love it or hate it! “Raspberry and white chocolate is a close second, with lemon and elderflower quietly taking up third place.” My favorite wedding cakes are raspberry with hints of basil and lemon blueberry with hints of lavender. Don’t be afraid to experiment and choose what sounds particularly delicious to you.

The lemon blueberry cake with hits of lavender is an incredible choice. Don't be afraid to experiment and choose what sounds particularly delicious to you.
The evenings get darker quicker, and this can provide the most beautiful backdrop for your special day, and we can make a magical wedding film for you.

Your wedding doesn’t stop with how it’s decorated and what you say in your ceremony — you control everything regarding your big day, including your wedding day timings. More and more couples are releasing they would prefer to have a “twilight wedding, ” which is one of the biggest wedding trends for 2023. A twilight wedding can be the perfect choice for couples looking to get married in autumn or winter and want to create something magical. The evenings get darker quicker, and this can provide the most beautiful backdrop for your special day, and we can make a magical wedding film for you. And all this, in combination, will lead to colorful, candid, and magical photographs that MALON Studio can create especially for you. And these memories will be with you for the rest of your life.

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