Wedding photography

Do you have a story you’re ready to tell?

MALON Studio, we’re here to capture it, elevate it, and set your story apart from the rest. We storytelling over 80 weddings last year, and they were all different. 

We would love to be a part of your story!

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Up to 4 hours of wedding day or engagement  coverage

From $2200


 Complete coverage of the wedding session for up to 6 hours 

From $3300


Complete coverage of the wedding session for up to 8 hours 

From $4400


Full story 

From 9900$

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Customize your wedding photography package with the following options

***** |  Full story 

$300 | additional drone coverage* for one location; 

$200 | second photographer or videographer/hour (+$100 for awards winners photographer or videographer);

$300 | Additional Coverage Hours added on the day of the event;

$900 |  NYC portrait session with Oleg [engagement photos];

$200 |  Minutes of Highlight Film in 4K;

$300 | 60 sec Instagram Teaser Video;

$300 |  1 min Teaser Film in 4K (Delivery 2 weeks after the wedding);

$300| Raw files on the USB Drive;

$500| Raw files on the Hard Drive;

$1000| wedding book (3 wedding albums $2,5k) 

* Drone coverage is location and weather dependent



50% Deposit / 50% on Day Wedding 

3% PayPal Fee applies or Credit Card payments

10-20% discount or a gift of your choice we will give you 

if you book for your event for 6 months or more, 

subject to payment of 100% upon signing the contract.

Wedding photography. MALON Studio — Wedding photography & videography

If you can answer these questions, we can get you a price quote today

The questions take less than 2 minutes: 

Your price depends on the following: 

  • Location? Where is your wedding taking place?
  • Do you prefer a more budget-friendly photographer or one of our best award-winning photographers?
  • Are you interested in a photo, video shoot, or both?
  • How many hours of coverage do you want? (We’ve done 2-hour weddings, and we’ve done 20-hour weddings)
  • How large is your wedding?
  • Do you want an engagement / save the date photo session?
  • Do you want a customized wedding album?
  • Or a print & enlargement package?

We offer customized wedding packages. We will make sure you bring exactly what you need! 

To learn more about our wedding packages, check out our blog post, “What does your wedding package include?”

Wedding photography. MALON Studio — Wedding photography & videography

Also, you can find out all the details about the cost by contacting us:

 +1 (347) 939-68-33 

The memories we will create for you are priceless; that’s a promise!