Born from family and close friendships, the MALON Studio team is spread all over the globe and loves to travel near or far to capture your day — perpetuate real moments that you will remember for years.

Our Team. MALON Studio — Wedding photography & videography

I’m OLEG, Co-owner and the lead photographer of MALON Studio.

 I’m an immigrant, a steward of stories, and an explorer of life. I was born and raised in Ukraine and have lived in China for around nine years. Now life story led me to New York City, and now, I run MALON Studio from my home base in Brooklyn, NY. Trained in film, photo, and the art of human emotion, I spend my life traveling across the world to help people turn their love, their lives, their brands, and adventures into timeless, priceless memories. I captured it in remote locations, including the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Tibet, Patagonia in Argentina and Chile, and all across Asia and USA. I was awarded the 35Photo Awards — Top 100 landscape and wildlife photographers three years in a row. In 2021 was awarded “TOP 300 Female portrait photographer” and “TOP 10 New York photographers”. Photos have also been published on the Canon website, People, Vogue, and other publications. 

 Many people don’t know how to pose correctly or are shy, and I can help avoid mistakes and get them right. I seek to capture each moment and smile with the best light while helping relax so we can make the magic happen. That is real and in the moment. There is no too-posed picture, no fake smiles. Only natural, genuine feelings. I can speak English, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Russian languages. I’m passionate about details. As a photographer and videographer with 15 years of experience, my approach is simple — capture the day as it happens. I want to tell your story and capture the authentic version. Almost always, I am a witness for my couples, and these photos are my evidence. The moments I saved for you will never be repeated and should not be forgotten.

Our Team. MALON Studio — Wedding photography & videography

ANDRIANA, Co-owner, filmmaker, and social media content creation

Andriana’s five years of photographic experience are more than countless hours spent behind a camera, breathing life and love into every captured image. 

While Andriana’s education at Art Institute plays an essential role in her style, it comes down to the care and passion for other persons longest lasting keepsakes (photographs). It’s an understanding that a moment that passes in the blink of an eye will encapsulate all the shared memories, dreams, and love we can not miss. 

A glance, a kiss, or a laugh can hold everything you’ve worked so hard for, and that is why you are looking for a photographer that will treat your event more than just a job but as a symbol that represents your relationship, hard work, or triumphs.

  MALON Studio

Capturing love, discovery, and exploration stories via modern photography, and videography. Based in New York,  but embracing the wilderness everywhere we can.

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Our Team. MALON Studio — Wedding photography & videography