How to choose your photographer? Book your venue first. Hiring your photographer after you’ve secured your venue is a bright idea. Aim to book their services about nine months before the wedding (or a year if your photographer is in high demand). Some wedding photographers offer 10-20% discounts for early bookings and payment in advance. This tip will save a significant amount of your family budget.  Hit up your social network for recommendations. Search websites, look at photos, read photographers' stories, read couples' reviews of their experiences, and write to the photographer. Pay attention to his recognition and awards in the field of photography, this is important for the best result. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Most photographers will email you a link to their portfolio of images. Be sure the collection includes weddings they have shot from start to finish, not just a “best of” highlight reel from dozens of different weddings. That is a more accurate way to gauge the photographer’s work.

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Lots of saturated white black wedding photo

Figure out the style of photography you like. Spend some time getting a sense of the style of photography you like. Maybe it’s bright with lots of saturated colors, or perhaps you prefer a more vintage look with more washed-out tones and a dreamy, nostalgic feel. Tell the photographer before you start shooting, and you will get what you want. If you have discussed all the questions of interest, you can safely proceed to sign the contract. Please note that real professional photographers always work only under contract. 

Vintage wedding photo by Malon Studio

Find out who exactly will shoot on your wedding day. Some larger studios employ several photographers, and even with single-person operations, it’s not unusual for the photographer to have an assistant handle shots of the groom getting ready. At the same time, he focuses on the bride and bridesmaids. Discuss the fee. Some photographers' fees include everything, including albums, prints, and high-resolution images (saved on a disc or thumb drive); others have a flat or hourly rate, then charge you à la carte for any pictures or albums you want. Many photographers offer a price list that details several different packages they offer at other price points. Make sure that you understand what’s included. Ask how long the photographer will spend with you (seven to nine hours is ideal) and whether there will be a second shooter, as you’ll get more detailed shots this way. Also, inquire about when you can expect to receive everything, from a sneak peek of images (some photographers can give you a handful within a few days) to processed photos (usually up to three months). 

Different packages of wedding photo session

Once you’ve evaluated each photographer’s work and fees and narrowed down the options, it’s time to decide. Don’t forget that you’ll be spending the entire wedding day with this person, so you want to ensure you feel completely comfortable with the photographer. Do you and your fiancé genuinely like this person? Do you feel like the three of you click? Let’s go!

An engagement photoshoot is always a good idea

 An engagement photoshoot is always a good idea—it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know your photographer and feel comfortable taking your photo, especially if you or your groom are camera-shy. We always recommend an engagement photo shoot for our couples. Often, for couples who order our best packages, MALON Studio offers different options for promotions for an engagement photo session, and often for such couples, an engagement photo session costs from 50% to free. That is a vast and positive experience for the photographer and the couple to get closer, and as a result, you will get more beautiful, unforgettable shots.

Photo and video by Malon Studio is a memory for a lifetime.

And the most important thing, you can save a lot on your wedding, but never keep on your emotions. While enjoying a cup of coffee or sparkling wine, you will often review your wedding photos and film with your children, grandchildren, and friends and again and again feel the taste of wedding cake and the smell of your wedding bouquet. Such emotions are priceless. Photo and video is a memory for a lifetime. And always remember that if you really like this perfect photographer, and he doesn’t fit into your budget, then don’t be shy, voice your budget. You can always find the median and agree. Believe me!